Where it all starts

WonderDreamz factory, is situated in the heart of Shishan Town within the Foshan High-Tech Zone. Nestled in close proximity to renowned enterprises such as Volkswagen, Honda Auto, and Chimei Innolux, our location is strategically positioned. The factory boasts excellent connectivity, situated a mere 40-minute drive from both the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall.

Our parent company, "Abtivan Corporation" embarked on its journey in 2002, pioneering the production of spring wire for mattress innersprings. Today, under the banner of WonderDreamz, we have evolved into not just a mattress factory, churning out an impressive 30,000 units per month, but also one of largest manufacturers of mattress innersprings (60,000 units per month) and PP non-woven fabric (1,800 tons per month). Our dedicated team comprises over 700 skilled employees.

With a global outlook, more than 90% of our products find their way to markets in Europe, North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and various other parts of the world. At WonderDreamz, we specialize in an array of mattresses, including pocket spring, bonnell spring, continuous spring, memory foam, foam, and latex mattresses.

Ensuring top-tier quality, all our mattress series meet the rigorous standards of US CFR1633 and BS7177. We take immense pride in adhering to the ISO9001:2000 international quality standard, a commitment that has earned us the esteemed recognition of being a VIP member of the USA ISPA.

Pocket Spring Unit


WonderDreamz mattresses have individual springs that contour to the body, reducing pressure on hips and shoulders. Compared to linked coil springs, pocket springs minimize partner disturbance. Our Mattress offer sophisticated sleep technology by allowing each spring to function independently, preventing roll-together and partner disturbance.

Memory Foam

WonderDreamz memory foam mattresses are made with high quality visco elastic memory foam with density rating not less than 50kg and not more than 80kg.
Our memory foam mattresses are constructed with open cell structure thus helping the memory foam to breathe. WonderDreamz memory foam mattresses don't feel hot as we use knitted covers.

Natural Latex

In addition to its exceptional hygiene properties, natural latex surpasses synthetic rubber in density and maintains its shape and cushioning attributes. Its consistent resilience offers even support to the sleeper, ensuring overall comfort. Latex promptly regains its original shape, effectively absorbing any motion disturbance caused by tossing and turning, rather than transmitting it between sleeping partners.