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WonderDreamz started in California, the main goal to start this mattress line is to get involved in helping people of different financial backgrounds get a better and more affordable sleep. Our foam is CertiPUR-US certified, which has passed the necessary regulations and considered as a good quality product. Together, the team has carefully created a luxurious and affordable mattress brand. WonderDreamz demonstrates a variety of mattresses not just for the ordinary bed, but also for babies and pets.

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Quality Design

At WonderDreamz, we understand the importance of sleep and have designed our mattresses to provide you with a complete night’s rest. Your body goes through several stages during its sleep cycle, with Deep Sleep being the stage where your brain signals your body to repair itself.  Our flippable hybrid mattresses have two firmness levels each that combine comfort with support to give you an evening of deep, fulfilling rest, and an energetic start the next day.

Hybrid Technology

Combining the memory foam and individual pocket springs, all WonderDreamz mattresses are made with hybrid technology that not only utilizes comfy, cushioning foam, but also a backbone of individually pocketed springs designed to support your body from edge to edge of the entire mattress. Serene has open memory foam cell which provide extra comfort and Luna has the proven materials and construction techniques that maximize airflow. All you want for sweet dream is WonderDreamz.

Affordable Price

WonderDreamz mattresses are affordable out of the box. We offer 0% APR financing for customers looking to spread out payment.  WonderDreamz also provides an industry leading 400-night sleep trial guaranty.  Try our mattress for up to 400 nights and if you can’t catch the sleep you’ve been dreaming of, simply return the mattress free of charge for a full refund, makes Wondredreamz great again.


At WonderDream, rest assured, all our mattresses feature CertiPUR-US certified foam. This certification guarantees that our foam materials meet strict safety and environmental standards, ensuring a healthier and more sustainable sleep experience for you.

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